Belize has been sexually harassed by the administration of Victoria’s Secret

The subject of Victoria’s Secret executives is becoming more and more complicated every year. According to reports, last week, Belle Haley was among models who were sexually harassed by AT during a Victoria’s Secret show.

At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a key figure in the selection of models to attend the Victoria’s Secret show, some of the models were falsely abusive during the dress rehearsal. During a preview of Victoria’s Secret show in 2018, she was looking at Bella, who was making measurements for her underwear. “It was a very emotional moment,” he said.

He also placed his hand on the underwear of other models. There have been allegations that he tried to kiss models and was asked to sit on his lap. Last year, he also apologized for his controversial comments that affected LGBQ over a transgender model. Then, the company announced that it would leave the company to retire. Also, last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was canceled.