For the first time successfully tested to eradicate HIV from the whole gene

The news gives another hope for people living with HIV. It can also be considered as a remarkable advancement in medical science.

Scientists working on antiretroviral therapies have used a drug called LASER ART, which uses a genetic modification method to test HIV mice in a third generation of mice.

The scientists first tested HIV-infected human T cells and mice using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene. After years of trial and error, LASER ART was developed and achieved such success.

So far, only two people in the world have been cured of HIV. Both patients, both leukemia patients, underwent treatment with a high-risk bone marrow transplant and were cured of both HIV and cancer. In order for bone marrow transplantation to be successful, a patient must have HIV in addition to cancer.)

The treatment is currently being tested on macaque monkeys and is expected to be used in humans by 2020.