If humans suddenly disappeared, who would rule the world?

What would happen to the world if there were no humans in the future after the Apocalypse? About five billion years from now, our sun will rise and run out of fuel, swallow up the earth, and destroy all life on earth, including humans. But we humans are likely to disappear before that time.

Let us imagine that if humans disappeared, only animals would remain on earth. In other words, what would happen if there were no more people ruling the world today?

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. What do we see? What animal or group of creatures will rule the world like us? Will monkeys rule like the popular science fiction movie Planet of the Apes? Or will other intelligent dolphins rule? Mice? Polar bears? Cockroaches? Pigs? Ants?

This is a very interesting fantasy question, and some scientists have compiled a list. Before making any such predictions, we must first define the dominant species that dominates.