The three moments that Silena Gormz revealed about struggling with depression

Salina Gormak, a singer and actress working in a comedic career, has returned to work. He is new to music. A new album has also been released, and fans have been delighted. He was depressed and depressed. I have been experiencing anxiety for a long time and have overcome it. During an interview with Dazed Magazine, he reiterated her struggle with social media and how it affects young people.

Salina revealed that she was the second most followed follower in the Intergram program, and was about to find peace of mind. “I’m grateful to know that you received good feedback on the Rare music album. But I couldn’t concentrate. It’s not safe. I felt nothing. ”
Salina is depressed, depressed. There are moments in the story that tell us about anxiety and regret. Salina’s fans had to share it.