After the “Captain” came in the hearts of the Myanmar fans, the “King” would come

This year’s “Crash Landing On You” starring Hun Hoon has been quite popular. The captain is a captain until the story is over in the mouth of the Myanmar audience. In the meantime, the “Captain” will come in the hearts of the Myanmar fans. “King” The Eternal Monarch is waiting for the Burmese fans to watch.

The “King” is coming to the hearts of Burmese fans, the popular Korean actress Lee Min-Min Ho. Lee Min Ho will be in the series for the first time after two years in the military. His fans are eager to see this episode.

Lee Min Ho

The episode also includes the actor Lee Min Ho and the movie “Divine Fury”, and the main cast of “Goblin”, Kim Goo in the “Goblin” drama. It’s been filming for the series since the end of last year. In the scene, the footage of Lee Min Ho’s horse riding on the stage was also circulated on the social network account and looked like a white horse in front of a white horse.

The King: The Eternal Monarch

At one point, the footage of the three main actors appeared on social media accounts. In the photo, Lee Min Ho is dressed in a rose suit, and Woohooh is dressed in a gag dress as well as a kimono. Even though the picture was there, the audience was even more intrigued to see the drama.

This drama is based on the Parallel World, which is in competition with the current world. The collaboration between the two worlds is illustrated. God sent evil forces from man, and they opened the door between the two worlds. The King Lee Leung-hoo from the other side of the world is trying to close the door, while the other spy Jigongon (kimono) is on the other side. It’s a story about trying to protect people and love.