Korean singer Jay Park attacked by UFC fiancé Brandon Ottega

Korea’s most famous singer Korean-American Jay Park was attacked on March 8 by UFC Fighters Ben Brandian Ottega during a March 248 fight at UFC 248.

At last month’s Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show, Jay Park did an interview for Jack Chan, known as “Korean Zombie”. “Hey, come away!” Vocabovsky It doesn’t matter whether it is autoimmune. But Ottawa had never hit her once. That’s why he doesn’t even have to fight against a zombie. Then, at the Institut account, he warned that he would hit Jay Park when he saw the interview transcript.

On March 9, Jay Park and Jochang Chan’s agency AOMG said: “The attack was true. But the security forces quickly took Ottawa away, and the situation was over. Many people are worried. However, Jay Park was not injured. “There are no problems with his health right now.”

Jay Chan Xiang also posted his anger on the Intergenerational Stories of Jay Park. Jay Park has never spoken to me harshly since I joined AOMG. Since we didn’t know English well, I had to ask him before. He also helped me and silently supported me. “I was very angry because I couldn’t protect him.”