Kim John John is likely to be punished for making April Fool on COVID-19

On April 1, Kim Jung, a member of the K-pop group JYJ, said he was infected with COVID-19. Then, he tweeted out his post to say that this is not true. He also said that he was trying to promote the seriousness of the disease and that he would accept all the consequences. A spokeswoman for Korea’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who has been criticized for misinformation, told the story of what could happen next.

A spokeswoman told Star News Media that a false report had been issued regarding the COVID-19. “We are currently investigating the case of Kim Jong-un. We are now discussing how to punish the wrong people. Calling epidemiologists to punish those who give false information. But that’s the thing that a guy does on social media. So we need to make a decision. ”

“The April Fool’s Day comes from the West on April 1,” said the director of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters. But now is the time for us to worry. Misleading information about our community “It’s not a place where you can receive calls and start calls.”