Kelley Jenna, a hand sanitizer for hospitals in Los Angeles

The world’s youngest billionaire television channel, Kelley Jenner, is launching its Skincare brand for hospitals in California to help fight the Coronavirus. Kylie Skin and his mother, Christina, will be working on a gel that will kill the bacterium left by the global epidemic.

Hand sanitizer also has the words “referring to the people who work from the front line for our organization”. A spokeswoman for Kylie Skin has confirmed that the cleanser will be made by Coty’s factory and will not affect the production of Kylie Skin products.

Kili, who is currently away from people to slow down the spread of theIDID-19, has recently donated $ 1 million to wear protective clothing to frontline health workers.

Thais Aliabadi, an obstetrician and gynecologist, said: “I was so overwhelmed with tears that I couldn’t speak. I prayed for the protection of our Masks for our brave health workers. Now my dreams have come true. One of my patients was wearing thousands of Mask and face masks, masks, and so on. He donated $ 1 million to buy other protective equipment.

Just before the battle was over, many masks were missing in the hospital and we would be given directly to our savior. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are my hero. This donation helps save precious lives. Our world is a wonderful place to be with you. Love so much Thank you so much, millions! ”