An artificial intelligence system that is far superior to human lawyers in legal decision-making

Advances in technology make it easier for people to carry out their daily activities. It has been helping to make it easier and faster for a long time. In the workplace, robots, AI (artificial intelligence) They are forced to do repetitive chores in the workplace, and humans are responsible for thinking and supervising. But in the near future, the question arises as to whether AI can outperform humans in thinking.

A law firm called LawGeex conducted a study that asked 20 experienced lawyers to make a decision to compete with AI. Among the 20 lawyers are world-renowned legal advisers such as Goldma Sachs, Cisco and Alston & Bird.

The challenge is to identify the five most important secret treaty agreements as quickly and accurately as possible. In terms of accuracy, AI was the best lawyer (94%). The average accuracy of human lawyers is 85% and the lowest accuracy of human lawyers is 67%.

In terms of speed, human lawyers took an average of 92 minutes to review five contracts, but AI only needed 26 seconds. Even the fastest human-like standard, 51 minutes, was more than 100 times slower than AI.